Benefits of The Home Doctor

The Home Doctor is about reducing stress on patients, family members and caregivers. Over the years, our experience has shown us that treating those who need intensive health care services in their home setting improves outcomes, reduces patient and caregiver stress, and promotes the important goal of aging in place.

Now you can access expert primary care in the comfort of your own home setting. Our physicians and nurse practitioners provide our patients with the highest quality medical care possible. But we do it in the comfort of the patient’s home setting whenever possible. We respect the patient’s dignity, values and beliefs, and we value communication with the family and caregivers. Along with providing primary health care, The Home Doctor team refers to specialists, or works with the patient’s existing specialist when patients need more definitive treatment. We accept Medicare and Medicaid assignment along with many other insurance plans.

Primary Care

Primary Care is provided by a team of physicians and nurse practitioners.


The Home Doctor collaborates with all local hospice agencies in the greater Puget Sound area.

Home Health Coordination

The Home Doctor collaborates with all home health agencies in the greater Puget Sound area.

Lab Services

Quest Patient Service Centers are available with appointment and coordination with lab order


Mobile services are provided by Trident Care Schryver Medical.

Private Residence Care

We are Providing In Home Primary Health Care visit to the Patients on request.